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Hiya Launches Personal AI: The Industry’s First-ever Personalized Call Protection

A phone call is the preferred method of communication for both consumers and businesses, according to Hiya’s State of the Call report. Yet, the rise of spam calls is threatening the relevance of the voice call.


Carriers want to fight more aggressively against unwanted calls, but in the process they risk also flagging calls that are important to their subscribers.

That’s where Personal AI comes in. Personal AI is a new layer of the Hiya Protect model and the first-ever to deliver personalized call protection — and it’s available now. Similar to an email spam filter, it personalizes call protection to the individual subscriber so they receive the calls that are important to them while being protected from targeted attacks.


How Personal AI works

Personal AI uses data about how call recipients have interacted with callers to understand which calls are important to subscribers and protect them from personalized attacks. It’s similar to how email systems use knowledge of past email communications to identify spam, or how credit card companies use knowledge of past purchases to identify possible fraud. 


For example, if a subscriber receives a call from a number they’ve called in the past — like a family member, their workplace, or their child’s school — Personal AI knows that’s likely to be a wanted call. But if they get a call at an unusual time from a local number they’ve never interacted with before, Personal AI recognizes that call could be spoofed.


Personal AI also understands that an unwanted call for one person might be a wanted call for someone else. For example, if an insurance provider calls a customer about a claim they’ve filed, that’s a wanted call. But an unsolicited call from that same phone number to someone who’s not a customer is likely to get reported as spam. Carriers can’t simply label all calls from that phone number as spam. They need to deliver a more personalized experience — and Personal AI lets them do that. 

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A call from the same number may be a wanted call for one person and spam for another. Personal AI enables carriers to deliver a personalized call protection experience. 

Nearly twice as effective as other solutions

With Personal AI, carriers can be dramatically more aggressive against spam and fraud without stopping wanted calls.


Hiya performs continuous testing to determine how effectively various call protection solutions detect known spam campaigns and found that, with the addition of Personal AI, Hiya Protect is now nearly twice as effective as other call protection solutions. From August to October 2022, Hiya Protect with Personal AI was shown to flag an average of 73% of spam, while two other call protection solutions only flagged an average of 28% and 44% respectively. Additional testing performed by an independent third party during October 2022 showed Hiya Protect with Personal AI to have an error rate of just 4.6%, compared to the same call protection solutions which had error rates of 5.9% and 6.6% respectively — meaning that more effective call protection didn’t come at the cost of a higher error rate. 


Just like an email spam filter, Personal AI is constantly learning and provides better protection with every call. Personal AI can help carriers:  


  • Stop mobile spoofing on their network. A common tactic of scammers is neighbor spoofing, where fraudsters disguise their identity by making the call appear to be coming from a local number. Personal AI helps protect subscribers from targeted attacks like these.


  • Flag significantly more nuisance calls. Personal AI can more accurately determine which calls are spam for one subscriber and wanted for another — so it can flag more spam without stopping wanted calls.


  • Restore trust in the voice call. When subscribers get less spam and fraud, it’s easier for them to identify the calls they want to receive, so they’re far more likely to rely on the voice call — their preferred method of communication — and pick up important calls when they get them.



Personal AI enables carriers to be dramatically more aggressive against spam and fraud without stopping wanted calls. 


Personal AI now included in Hiya Protect


Personal AI is included in Hiya’s industry-leading call protection solution, Hiya Protect. If you’re not already using Hiya Protect, please contact us to learn how Hiya Protect with Personal AI can work on your network.


Learn more about Personal AI 


To learn more, please visit our Personal AI webpage where you can watch a short video, read the press release, and more. 

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