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Hiya Launches Branded Call Intelligence

We are happy to announce the launch of Hiya’s Branded Call Intelligence. This full suite of call delivery and performance analytics is designed to assist in making data-driven decisions. As a part of Hiya Connect, Branded Call Intelligence can help you overcome that seemingly insurmountable voice performance gap, which is the difference between the desired and actualized performance of a team, individual, or in this case, the voice channel. Hiya can help you close this divide by providing you with the intelligence and tools you need to analyze your calls.

Branded Call Intelligence provides a full suite of customizable analytics to optimize call delivery, performance, and reputation – effectively narrowing the enterprise voice performance gap.

  • Call Delivery Reports provide a transparent accounting of calls delivered with identity
  • Call Performance Reports show the impact of call identity on KPIs
  • Customizable Call Reports optimize call delivery with metrics that matter to you

With the power of customizable data delivery at your fingertips, Branded Call Intelligence gives you visibility and control over how your calls are showing up, proves the ROI of your investment into a branded call solution, and makes informed decisions based on your spam ratio to reduce spam labeling, and overall - impact call KPIs and the success of your outbound calls.

“Enterprises have invested billions of dollars in outbound call centers and need to measure their return for investment,” said Kush Parikh, president at Hiya. “With Branded Call Intelligence, Hiya customers can now easily measure the impact their branded calls are having on driving sales and higher customer satisfaction."

Beyond Caller ID

Spam and fraud calls are plaguing the voice channel and widening the performance gap. With 79% of unidentified calls going unanswered, according to Hiya’s 2022 State of the Call Report, it is no wonder that these bad actors are hurting businesses. By branding calls, enterprises can increase answer rates by an average of 80%. But you can’t just stop there. Equally important is measuring the effectiveness of branded caller ID. This leads to more sales and improved customer satisfaction. To truly narrow the voice performance gap, branded call solutions need to run in tandem with decision-making analytics. That is where Branded Call Intelligence shines.

Hiya Connect is available on more than 200 million devices worldwide through integrations at the mobile device and carrier network level. These deep integrations ensure the reach of Hiya’s services and empower enterprise customers with unsurpassed control over their outbound calls. The control and insight gained from Branded Call Intelligence will help to generate visibility and growth.

Interested in learning more?

Hiya Connect, Hiya’s SaaS-based branded caller ID solution, offers secure and accurate analytics that drive customer satisfaction. Find out more about Branded Call Intelligence in Hiya’s latest guide: Beyond the Black Box: Cracking Open the Secrets of Branded Call Intelligence.


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