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Hiya expands in Canada with Rogers

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of our services has expanded in Canada through a new partnership with  Rogers. The partnership adds to our existing coverage in Canada via Samsung devices and Hiya Mobile App users, bringing our industry-leading call protection and branded calling services to 11 million more consumers and enterprises nationwide.

And we’ve just opened a Canadian headquarters in Toronto to support our expansion! The new Hiya Toronto office is led by telecom and contact center veteran Tony Janusky, our newly appointed Vice President of Global Business Development. 


“With the rise of remote interactions and the importance of a quality customer experience across all channels, Canadians need a solution that can unlock the power of voice and improve the phone call experience for all,” says Tony Janusky. “Hiya brings trust back to the voice call through its complementary services, Hiya Protect and Hiya Connect, which support everyone in the telecom ecosystem, from carriers and tech partners to businesses and consumers.” 


Branded calling services

The expansion of the Hiya Network in Canada also extends the reach of Hiya Connect, our branded caller ID service that helps enterprises engage more customers with timely wanted conversations. Existing Hiya customers calling into Canada will see an immediate impact on the efficacy of their outbound calls with the addition of branding to 11M more mobile phones. 


With Hiya Connect, businesses can add identity to their outbound calls – including company name, logo, and call reason – to increase answer rates, boost sales, and improve the quality of their customer conversations. 


Hiya’s branded caller ID has the highest ROI and most significant impact of any branded caller ID service. In a recent study by Forrester, Hiya delivered a 677% return on investment and $14.1 million net present value to enterprise customers over three years. According to the study, Hiya’s service pays for itself in less than six months. Most customers report a 25%+ increase in answer rate and call duration - dramatically improving the effectiveness of their outbound phone calls.


Call protection services

Hiya Protect is the industry’s leading call-protection service and leverages self-learning AI models to block spam and fraud calls in real time for more than 200 million users worldwide on the Hiya Network. Now Hiya Protect covers more than 13 million users in Canada through Spam Call Detect, Samsung’s Smart Call, and the Hiya Mobile App.


Hiya Connect and Hiya Protect have been available in Canada for years via our reach on several million Canadian Samsung phones. As a result of our new expansion with Rogers, we now cover more than 40% of all Canadian mobile phone subscribers. Stay tuned for more news about our growing reach across Canada.

Author Hiya Team