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Hiya Collaborates with Xfinity Mobile to Thwart Mobile Robocalls

Today, we are excited to announce that we are collaborating with Comcast to help protect Xfinity Mobile customers from unwanted nuisance and scam phone calls. Starting today, Xfinity Mobile customers can download the Hiya app for free to begin receiving alerts about potential spam calls and block them, as well. With Hiya, Xfinity Mobile customers will receive alerts about potential spam calls while having the capability to block all and any unwanted calls. For legitimate calls, the app will also identify common businesses clearly identifying who is calling and includes a “neighbor spoofing” blocker, allowing customers to block specific area codes if they are bombarded by a number of unwanted calls from that area code.

Not only are we pleased to help protect Xfinity Mobile customers from unwanted calls, but we are proud to collaborate with a company that has been aggressively tackling the issue of unwanted calls head on. Comcast has been playing a leadership role in the industry-wide effort to develop and implement SHAKEN/STIR, an important protocol to combat fraudulent calls. In March, Comcast and AT&T (a Hiya partner!) announced what is believed to be the first call between two separate providers’ landline voice networks using the SHAKEN/STIR protocol.

Hiya brings trust, identity and context to the mobile call. With a mission to provide a better phone experience, Hiya provides users with important context, giving them the right information at the right time. Our collaboration with Xfinity Mobile gets us one step closer to restoring trust in this important means of communication.

To learn more about our collaboration with Xfinity Mobile, please visit the Comcast blog here

Author Hiya Team