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Customer Contact Week Las Vegas

Happy 2022! As we get ready to hit the ground running in the new year, we’re excited to look back on one of our most exciting events from 2021 – Customer Contact Week (CCW) Las Vegas. Rescheduled from June 2021 to enable in-person interaction, CCW was a hit! We were glad to be back in the mix and return to an in-person experience. 


Customer Contact Week is primarily about CX experiences – how to make your customers really enjoy their experience with a brand. At Hiya, we’re all about enhancing the voice channel experience with our branded call service, delivered through Hiya Connect. While at CCW we offered customers a demo of this branded call service. By putting in each and every attendees’ logos in our system, we were able to show any company that attended what a branded call experience from them would look like to their customers. Through this branded call experience, companies are able to showcase their name, logo, and even a reason for the call. 


A branded call experience increases answer rates significantly – for starters, 94% of unidentified calls go unanswered. Those who saw the branded call experience at CCW seemed to echo this sentiment, that they believed it would increase answer rates – because, as a telecom consumer themselves, they felt they’d be more likely to pick up the phone if the call were identified. For more information on Hiya Connect and how a branded call service can enhance the voice channel experience for your customers, click here.   


All in all, CCW was a great show. Despite decreased attendance due to rescheduling around the holidays and concerns about COVID-19, we were excited to engage with so many attendees. If you’re a customer contact or CX professional and you were at CCW and missed us, or if you didn’t have the opportunity to attend, get in touch with us for a free reputation analysis, as well as a branded call demo. 

If you’d like to engage with us virtually, join us on January 25th at 10 am for The ROI of Implementing Hiya Connect Webinar. 


Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya