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IMS World Forum Focuses on Need for Innovation

Last month, Hiya attended the IMS World Forum in Madrid, Spain where we met a number of experts tackling various technical and business related issues within the IMS infrastructure. Compared to last year’s forum, where the focus was on minimizing operational expenditures, this year’s topics were more ambitious and concentrated on creating new revenue streams through innovation. The largest wireless carriers have realized that without innovation, they will not be able to compete with software companies, such as Google, Apple, Facebook or Amazon.

This is a harsh reality, but it was an important step for major telco executives to publicly acknowledge the need for innovation. If the average time to launch a new service is about two years, how can wireless carriers compete with companies who launch several new services every month? In the long run, they can’t.

Here are three key focuses that operators need to change, and IMS networks can help:

  • Rapid deployment: Move new services to a cloud and have a goal to launch a new service in three months.
  • Experimentation: Don’t try to launch a perfect product for all. Create a small pilot program for a select audience and build on that program before going live to the broader audience.
  • Fast iterations: Provide new features and fixes quickly for the public pilot version. Most successful products deliver anywhere from 1 to 4 updates every month. You should no longer upgrade services once or twice a year.

This may sound impossible, but it’s not. Hiya has done this with a US carrier and helped launch a Caller Identification and Spam Protection Service.

What role did IMS networks play in Hiya’s project? A big one! Thanks to the IMS infrastructure (specifically Telephony Application Servers – TAS), Hiya has been able to access an operator’s signaling network and deploy a brand new service to flag or even block nuisance calls for all VoLTE users at the network level.

If a carrier can replicate the success of exposing its IMS network to other potential partners, the IMS network will not only spur innovation, but also increase revenue. Without fast innovation, carriers will officially become utility companies.

If you would like to learn more about how we connected Hiya Cloud to the IMS network in a very short time, please feel free to contact us directly.

Author Petr Jann

As Product Executive, Petr Jann has worked in the telecommunications industry internationally and domestically over seas for companies such as Ericsson, AT&T, Nexius, and Telefonica Czech Republic.


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