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Taking You Beyond the Black Box with Branded Call Intelligence

Within any large enterprise, the call center is one of the most sophisticated operations in the company. High performing call centers measure every element of the call: pick-up rates, conversions, agent productivity, and more.

Yet, for all the time and money call centers spend monitoring KPIs, many are working blind when it comes to control and visibility AFTER the call is placed — when the recipient looks at their phone and decides whether or not to pick it up. This is sometimes referred to as “last-mile call intelligence.”

How Branded Call Intelligence can Help

One of the most significant ways call centers can improve KPIs is by adding branded caller ID, which allows businesses to control the appearance of their calls and can display the company name, logo, and reason for the call. 

But you can’t stop there. Equally important is measuring the effectiveness of branded caller ID with Branded Call Intelligence. After all, why invest in a new technology unless you can see the results afterwards?

Below are important KPIs that Branded Call Intelligence can monitor. Make sure the branded caller ID vendor you choose provides full transparency into how their product influences each of these: 

  • Answer rates - When customers know who is calling, they’re much more likely to answer the phone. Examine the effectiveness of branded caller ID through Branded Call Intelligence.
  • Attempts to reach the call recipient - Agent efficiency suffers when the agent has to make repeated call attempts to the same customer. Often, the customer is available, but won’t answer unidentified calls. 
  • Call durations - When the recipient knows who is calling and why, not only are they more likely to answer the call, but their conversations are likely to last longer and lead to better results. 
  • Impact of brand names - Large organizations may find that certain brands or sub-brands resonate more with call recipients. Again, the only way to know this is through detailed analytics reports using Branded Call Intelligence.

Discover how Branded Call Intelligence can improve your overall performance with detailed analytics that can prove the value of adding branded caller ID. Download our eBook: Beyond the Black Box: Cracking Open the Secrets of Branded Call Intelligence to learn more.


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