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5 Best Practices for Improving Business Caller ID

Consider the amount of calls that go ignored every day. For most people, it’s difficult to trust a number they don’t recognize. People these days are so used to being bombarded by countless spam calls each day that they seldom answer the phone for a number that isn’t familiar.

For businesses that make a large number of outbound calls, this can be detrimental to getting valuable information to their consumers. If a phone number, even one from a reputable business, is not immediately recognizable, people are less likely to pick up--in fact, only 6% of unidentified calls are ever answered.

The best way to help consumers recognize your business calls is to update your display business name on caller ID. Below, we’ll take you through the top five ways to improve your business caller ID, and how Hiya can help.

1. Consider Your Display Name

Make your number recognizable to customers by changing your display name. On standard caller ID, you can customize caller ID display names to include both a name up to 15 characters long and the phone number that’s calling.

Include Your Business Name

When setting up your display business name on caller ID it’s important to include the name of your business, or something that will help your business to be recognizable. This can be tricky since you only have 15 characters to consider for your display name. When thinking about your company name it can be helpful to consider what the most important part of that name is; if your business was “Capital One Financial Corp.”, the most recognizable part of your business name would be “Capital One.”

With the 15 character limit on standard caller ID, it’s important to choose something specific and simple that will be easy for your customers to instantly recognize and understand. It’s vital to include the most important part of your organization’s name first, and to be specific, while also keeping it simple. With Hiya Connect, your caller ID name can use 24+ characters, ensuring you can communicate everything you need to about your business.

Include Abbreviations

With the 15 character limit, abbreviations can become helpful in getting the most important parts of your business name in the display name. Consider if your company was called “The Seven Brother’s Shop.” It would be hard to include all of the most important parts of your company’s name in just 15 characters. However, when using abbreviations, you could theoretically have your display name as “7 Bros Shop.” With these abbreviations, the most recognizable parts of your business are included, and it’s specific and simple enough to understand. When considering an abbreviation, avoid abbreviations that are unfamiliar to most audiences. Complicated abbreviations can have an adverse effect of making it harder, rather than easier, to identify your business on caller ID.

2. Keep Your Number as Local as Possible 

Updating your display business name on caller ID is helpful in making your number more recognizable, but it isn’t enough. It’s also important to have a phone number that’s local and detectable to your customers. A number that’s local will help consumers trust that your business is applicable to their needs. People are reportedly more likely to pick up an unidentified number if they feel that the number reflects local area codes.

3. Stay Consistent Across Company Phones

Consistent branding across caller ID displays is essential for large businesses with multiple business units. Hiya Connect offers flexibility in customizing your business caller ID so that each department can properly distinguish themselves to customers.

Through Hiya, you can also display the reason for your call—similar to how you would add a subject line to an email. This customization allows your call center to build immediate trust with customers, so that your business can reach the right person at the right time with the right message.

4. Avoid Offering Inaccurate Information

Finally, make sure that all your business’s information is accurate when creating your display business name on caller ID for outbound calls. The last thing you want to do is confuse customers, or make a mistake and have to go through the process to change your caller ID display name all over again.

Additionally, the CNAM database is known to be inconsistent and not reflect changes across all phones in a given timeframe. This means that changing your caller ID information frequently isn’t recommended. However, with Hiya, you will know with certainty that your caller ID is displayed consistently across devices.

How to Set Up a Business Caller ID

Now that you’ve got the best practices in mind, it’s time to actually begin optimizing your caller ID display. One way to do this is to visit Here, you can provide your phone numbers, call categories, and preferred display name. This registry gives you more control over how customers receive your call. However, the free registry doesn’t allow you to update displays in real time or add customizations like logo or call reason.

Get Hiya

Using Hiya Connect to ensure your display business name shows up on caller ID can be a game-changer for your business. With Branded Calls, you gain confidence in how your information is displayed. Hiya Connect lets your customers know who is calling, from where, and for what reason. For businesses making a substantial amount of outbound calls (typically more than 20,000 monthly), Hiya offers a solution to manage the caller ID across all your numbers. Request a demo today to see how Hiya can help take your outbound calls to the next level.

Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya


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